Hi, I’m Lauren —
marketing executive, drummer, cat parent & traveler.
Nice to meet you.

About Me

I jumped into the digital world at the age of 14, when I gave myself a crash course in html. My favorite indie label, Kill Rock Stars, began paying me for my web skills with free vinyl, and I had kicked off my online career.

For the past sixteen years, I’ve worked with innovative tech and lifestyle companies to develop and execute grand ideas efficiently — without diluting their soul. Throughout my career, I’ve been tasked with building marketing teams and strategy from the ground up, while collaborating directly with product teams to shape the overall user experience. Currently, I lead marketing at Kaiyoan online furniture marketplace committed to good design, exceptional customer care, and a more sustainable planet.

When I’m not working, I can be found playing drums, learning to code, or riding my bike around NYC. If I can’t be found, I’m probably traveling. Some of my favorite places include Iceland, Peru and Wyoming.

I live in Queens with my two cats, Mulder and Scully.

Lauren O'Reilly Photo

Get in Touch

Send me an email. I’m always happy to hear about potential opportunities, collaboration ideas, freelance inquiries, and whatever else is on your mind.